Here's a blog where I'll be writing up some words that might be of interest. General topics will include composition, music tech, upcoming projects and general updates on what's occurin'.

  • Learning: Cubase - 1. Lost In Translation

    For various technical and financial reasons I’ll be looking into moving my main working operating system from Mac to Windows. As a direct result I’ll have to stop using Logic Pro X (LPX) as my main DAW of choice, so I’ve been looking around at different options. While there are strong competitors in the form of software such as FL Studio, Ableton Live and Reaper (Pro Tools has been excluded since I mainly work with MIDI), I’m strongly considering moving to Cubase, currently at version 8.5 at time of writing.

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  • The Release of Albert Woodfox

    On the 20th February 2016 Albert Woodfox, one of three men (known as the "Angola Three") who were placed in imprisoned solitary confinement in 1972, was released from Louisiana State Penitentiary. Albert had been the last of the trio to still be confined: Robert Hillary King was released in 2001 (overturned conviction) and Herman Wallace in 2013 (he was released pending a retrial, and died from liver cancer 2 days after his release). They had been convicted for the murder of a correctional officer; all have three consistently maintained their innocence throughout and the case itself is marred through lack of substantial evidence.

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  • Catching the light

    One of the main differences between the new site and the old is that each of the tracks in the Portfolio page makes use of an image, and so graphics have needed to take much more of a front-seat than I'm used to previously. Having looked over some suggestions of stock photography websites, I decided it be a much more fun idea to hire a photographer I actually know, drive them around a few choice locations, and essentially make a portfolio in a day - so that's what I did!

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