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Here's a blog where I'll be writing up some words that might be of interest. General topics will include composition, music tech, upcoming projects and general updates on what's occurin'.

  • Trello - A Sound Designer's Best Friend

    Having worked on and completed a few projects this year, I have to wax lyrical about my favourite project management software - Trello. Having made extensive use of this wonderful, FREE app, specifically while working on Teyze and Mandagon, I felt obliged to express my absolute love and adoration for it, especially with respect to how I've been using it for sound design version control. I'll be talking exclusively about the 'free to use' versions and options that are available. Incidentally this is not a paid-for advert for Trello and I’m in no way connected to them or gaining financially; I think they provide a great product which solves a huge number of issues for sound designers and want to share my appreciation for it.

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