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Here's a blog where I'll be writing up some words that might be of interest. General topics will include composition, music tech, upcoming projects and general updates on what's occurin'.

  • Real life storytelling

    Last Friday I took part in a real life storytelling event. Hosted by Touch CIC and held at Temple Street Canteen, it was an opportunity to talk about a part of your life with a rough theme of 'overcoming adversity'. Having been to the previous event and feeling it'd be something I'd like to be involved with, I signed up immediately. The organiser, Jen, was nothing but wonderful and supportive throughout, really helping me to spin out what had initially started as just a footnote into the entire talk.

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  • Score Video - Gardens

    I wrote this track over two days, having finished a run of ‘Grease’ and wanting to build something else. While it was put together in Cubase, I wanted to try out exporting the MIDI into Dorico and making an actual visual score, which took just over an hour to put together. Since this is my first go at putting a video like this together I’ve skipped on the percussion parts (largely as notating percussion is an art I have yet to master!) and omitted the dynamics/expression markings, but if that’s something that would be of interest I can look to provide in the next video!

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