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Here's a blog where I'll be writing up some words that might be of interest. General topics will include composition, music tech, upcoming projects and general updates on what's occurin'.

  • Making Guide Tracks for Musical Theatre Singers: Shout! (Concept Players)

    Having just finished week one of a two week production of Shout! (last week in The Paget Rooms, Penarth, this week in the Borough Theatre, Abergavenny), I wanted to talk a little about some of my background workings as a Musical Director. While during show week my job comprises of running vocal warmups, leading the band from the keyboard and trying to cue things correctly, there’s a lot of work that gets us to that point. In a show as vocally rich as Shout!, a production where we’re using nine singers to cover five lines of vocal parts, I wanted to share how I went about making personalised rehearsal recordings for each member of the cast, using Google Sheets, Dorico, Cubase, DaVinci Resolve and YouTube.

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  • Kontakt: All Percussion - The Hunt for Claves

    As a classically-trained composer I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the orchestral sounds and instruments I spent years studying. Since I increasingly work in a digital space, it’s important for me to be able to find the instruments I’m looking for. In my present workflow the majority of my software instruments are hosted within Native Instrument’s Kontakt, a beast in the world of samplers. However, I’ve been running into problems with actually finding the instruments I’m looking for, specifically percussion.

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