Long Time No Blog - August 2018 Update

Update on what's been happening since October 2017!

Update on what's been happening since October 2017!

So apparently I haven't actually written a blog since my review of October 2017. I really think that the more busy you are, the less you talk about it, or at least the less time you find to talk about it, since all the time you're just getting it done.

That being said, here are a few things which have happened since October 2017 (!!!).

1) Started working for B&NES Music Service

The major change since the last update is that I've started working for Bath and North East Somerset ("B&NES") Music Service, as a guitar, piano and vocal teacher, including conducting a Primary School choir. Since starting with a few pupils and schools, my workload now covers six separate schools over three working days.

2) Stopped working in Cardiff

When I made the move to Keynsham in September ‘17 I had no stable income lined up ready for me. Taking on the advice of one of my Cardiff-based guitar, I decided to continue working a few of my Cardiff commitments (teaching piano in a secondary school, conducting a choir and teaching the aforementioned guitar pupil!), shifting them all into one, very long day with a very early alarm clock. I committed to keeping this going for a full scholastic year and that, as of a fortnight ago, has come to an end (though I’ll be continuing teaching the guitar pupil via Skype!).

3) Conducted “A Bridge Across The Flood”

This was a huge event both in its planning and its importance to me as a newly-moved musician. While I’ll try to do a better job of writing up about the experience in a future post, I was given the opportunity to conduct an adult choir, a children’s choir and a small band of local instrumentalists in a piece which was essentially an ethnomusicography of Keynsham, centred around a pivotal moment in its development as a town. The performance took place on the bandstand in Keynsham Memorial Park as part of Keynsham Music Festival 2018 (also featuring a tightrope walker!), and is looking to be just the start of a number of other local musical activities.

So what next -

1) Return to writing

Now that the dust has settled and things have reached the surprising point of ‘being financially stable’ it’s definitely time to refocus on actual music making. I feel this is something I write or repromise with every one of these posts, so let’s see if I have to repeat it again in future.

2) Continue working on local community music projects

After “A Bridge Across The Flood” there now seem to be a number of possible options and opportunities for further projects, and it’s VERY, VERY EXCITING!!!

3) Commit to creating more content

Alongside actual music writing, there are a number of side-projects which I just haven’t had the time to look into, so I’m going to trying to start chipping away at them, piece by piece. That includes making adjustments to RJM.com, creating more visual content and useful musical aids! 

p.s. Since I'm not actively promoting anything of mine, go check out my partner's brother's rock band Typan!


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