Mandagon: Sound Design - Sound Effects

In celebration of Mandagon’s first birthday, I realised that I had never finished my blog series on the sound design of the game! While it’s been over a year since I built the sounds, I’ve collected a few of my favourites and shared a few words about them!

All the sounds for this game were made in Logic Pro X, generally using sounds from NI's Komplete.



As an homage to classic Sonic The Hedgehog water sounds, this was made with filtered a noise oscillator (from NI’s Massive). When the player goes into the water all the audio goes through a low pass filter, created through some making audio scenes in Unity (which was my first time routing audio within Unity’s built-in audio mixer).



While I only mention this for the Avatar reference, the movement sounds of our lil’ cube fella grinding against the floor were made through using NI Massive’s noise oscillators - read more about it in this Movement blog. When on snow there’s an added layer of white noise to compliment the change in



A special shout-out has to go to Hafod Mastering for letting me record their actual fireplace for use in this game! After a Facebook led shout-out, mastering engineer Donal Wheelan kindly invited me to their beautiful studio, chopped up some firewood, and let me my microphones capture their combustion!



Throughout the game there’s a constant layer of wind noise, attempting to build upon Tom’s pseudo-himalayan landscapes. These were created using Jeremiah Savage’s Kinetic Metal, a complete gold mine for ambient textures. When layered with some of Unity’s built-in reverbs and delays, this created a suitable bed for the rest of the acoustics.


Totem Collection

My favourite sound in the game, the sound when collecting a totem, is built around a sample of a waterphone. This is then layered with some other falling shadow tones. I have a particular fondness for this as it was the first main sound effect made for the original trailer, and it remained completely unchanged until the finished game; well, one of the six did, the rest were repitched versions of the original.


If you'd like to find out more about the game's audio then you can check out my blogs on the movement and the music.

Mandagon is 100% free to download and play from Steam or GOG:


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