OK Computer | Album Playthrough | 22nd May 2020

This Friday I'll be playing through Radiohead's classic album "OK Computer", performing stripped-back versions on guitar and piano.

The show itself will be raising money for Keynsham Foodbank: https://keynsham.foodbank.org.uk/

Here's a message from the foodbank:

"Thank you for your email and your kindness in raising money for Keynsham Food Bank.

Currently we are keen to find our own (rented) storage facility in or near to Keynsham to give us a more flexible operating situation. We need to find something close to 1000 sq ft and we know we have to pay a reasonable rent but the likelihood is that it will be circa £15000pa so building up a financial reserve is vital to give us a two to three year head start on a likely 5 year lease. So any help that people can give us will be of great assistance.

Last fiscal year we fed 1,200 people and already since April 1st we have some 500 people."

Details about the event can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/606093666672819/

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