This Week I Have Mostly Been.... (26th June '16)

- Presenting the new upcoming game with Blind Sky Studios ("Mandagon") at the Wales Games Development Show '16; now working on finishing the sound and creating the OST!

- Playing piano for Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) ballet exams with Wilford School of Dancing: always a pleasure to work with!

- Playing piano for Turning Pointe School of Dancing for the first time, this time on the Royal Academy Of Dancing (RAD) syllabus: all Tchaikovsky all the time!

- Working with Charlie Francis on the upcoming Albatross Archive record (including recording some guide vocals with an old friend!)

- Planned the pieces ready for the Billboard Ensemble Junior Summer School.

- Leading a singing workshop with Rhiwbina-based social charity Just Good Friends, supported by the wonderful members of the In-House Choir of Companies House.

- Meeting the good folk of Bang Post Production and having a walk and talk around their impressive facilites

- Little bits of and bobs and things and other things.

Fun little week really! Here's to the next one!

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