Tutorial Video: MIDI Parts and Events, Software Instruments & MIDI vs Instrument Tracks in Cubase Pro

Blog where I talk about my first tutorial video

Blog where I talk about my first tutorial video

I've put together my first tutorial video! The main topics I talk about are:

1) MIDI Events and MIDI Parts

2) Routing into Software Instruments (i.e. Kontakt) and talking about Sampler Instruments (i.e those made by Spitfire Audio)

3) Differences between Instrument Tracks & MIDI Tracks in Cubase Pro

I fully acknowledge the rambly nature of this video and that I'm very much learning to put these things together, but there's a lot that I think might be of use to others, and also has my first digital animation in the form of the intro slide! Hope you enjoy and let me know if you'd like me to talk about anything specific in future.


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