A Bridge Across The Flood

Details and guide tracks for the upcoming performance of "A Bridge Across The Flood" by Robin Grant and Neil Beddow as part of Keynsham Music Festival on 30th June, marking the 50th anniversary since a flood which had a great impact on Keynsham.


In 1968 a flood impacted on the River Chew, causing damage and disaster to areas such as Keynsham, Chew Stoke and Pensford. In commemoration of this event a piece was written by Robin Grant and Neil Beddow called "A Bridge Across The Flood". This piece was given it's first performance marking the 30th anniversary of the event. To commemorate the 50th anniversary we are putting together another performance.

I'll be conducting the performance and have been responsible for the typesetting of the original score from the hand written copies we've tracked down. We're also running weeky rehearsals on Wednesday evenings for anyone who would like to join the main choir, and there is also a part for a community choir who will be meeting , rehearsing and learning their part on Sunday 20th May.

If you're interested in taking part please contact me at rich@richardjacksonmusic.com and I'd be delighted to hear from you!  


Guide Tracks

Full Choir | Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass | Children's Choir

Full Choir











Children's Choir

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