A Ludem Dare 48 submission
Level 1
Moves: 0

From the Ludum Dare 48 theme of “Deeper and Deeper” comes a top-down mining/puzzle game the likes of which has probably been seen a lot before but this is my first time coding anything like this for web browser so please be kind, thank you, you’re a star.

The game takes place on an 8x8 grid, representing a layer of top-soil, and you play as The Click Miner. Your task is to hunt/click for the Magic Square, helped by mystical Arrows Of Mystery. Upon discovering (/clicking) the Magic Square, the soil is dug up around the area, revealing ANOTHER layer of… who knows what? Only YOU can discover, as you go Deeper and Deeper into the Clicking World Of Click Miner.

Click Miner was made by Richard Jackson in around 36 hours and was coded in HTML, CSS and Javascript to help with my own learning of those languages. I would like to say a huge thank you to Brad Traversy for his excellent tutorials on front-end web development, and to Malcolm Jackson who sat with me as I explained every single line of code to him and provided invaluable feedback in return.