BillBoard Juniors

Image For BillBoard Juniors

Image For BillBoard Juniors

  • Company Description: Youth Musical Theatre Company
  • Service: Musical Direction
  • My Role: Conductor

I've been the musical director for Billboard Juniors since 2016, from their production of Alice In Wonderland Jr. An enthusiastic and wonderful youth theatre group, I lead the sessions from the keyboard to get the best possible sound from them while giving choral training and performance insight.

Working alongside their director Ceri Goodwin, we've also set-up Summer and Easter musical theatre weeks; intense sessions involving learning a new program of music from scratch and then performing, from memory and with choreography - our most recent event involved learning True Colours, being sung while communicating the lyrics in British Sign Language. 

Our upcoming production is Little Shop Of Horrors, May 31, 2017 - June 3, 2017.

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