Chrome vs Firefox for audio

All of the tracks presented in this site have a 'fade-in/fade-out' function built into their playing/pausing - this has been done for a smoother user experience, as audio files, when stopped, can have a momentary audial distortion, or 'clip' (caused by the waveform stopping at a non-zero crossing point).

This has been done through the jQuery animate function, which essentially changes the volume from full to zero (and visa-versa) over a period of time. However, when this is viewed in certain browsers (such as Google Chrome, at the time of writing) this fade can be accompanied by a small amount of audio distortion.

A demo of this has been made here:

To avoid any such distortion please consider viewing this page, specifically any areas which involve playing audio, through Firefox until further notice.

Apologies for the inconvenience - if you are aware of any way this could be avoided then please get in touch!

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