Workplace Choir

A Workplace Choir can bring the best out of a business

A Workplace Choir can bring the best out of a business

Having worked with the Companies House Workplace choir as Musical Director and Accompanist since 2015 I’ve become increasingly aware of the importance of in-work singing sessions in terms of health benefits, cross-departmental relations, and in the creation of a cultural ambassador - your choir!


Health Benefits

From both a physical and mental perspective, the personal improvements that choral singing can be provide are manifold. With published studies from the likes of the Journal of Public Mental Health, Tenovus and Heart Research UK, we see the impact on respiratory, immunological and cardiovascular systems are huge, while the psychological effects range from reductions in stress and anxiety through to increased social skills and development; all while singing some of their favourite songs together!

Here are some sources that might be of interest:

Cross Departmental Relations

A choir can be an opportunity for members of different departments (or even businesses) to meet and bond - a new team formed around nothing but one hobby. It can help establish contacts across the business in a friendly, relaxed environment, while potentially helping to improve relations internally - if a team’s internal relations are fraught or uneasy, a weekly sing can really help to dissolve tensions and build new common grounds.

For more examples I’d strongly recommend reading the testimonials section of the Music In Offices site, showing the range of experiences that a strong workplace choir can offer.

Cultural Ambassadors

For both internal affairs and external relations, a workplace choir can be a real asset to any business. Internally, you now have performers for events to add a new element to any functions such as awards ceremonies, general meetings, or visits from external contacts - and of course, strong leaders for Christmas carolling!

Outside of the office, having a choir which goes into the local community and performs (possibly in aid of local charities) can be a huge boost to your company’s image and a clear sign of ‘giving back’ to one’s local area. In my experience with Companies House we have performed for Alzheimer’s Care Homes, St Luke’s Hospice and other community groups.

My Role

I work as Musical Director and Accompanist, leading the choir from the keyboard. I travel to the rehearsal venue (typically a spare meeting room), providing the repertoire (built around each choir's own individual flavour and tastes) and making any arrangements necessary to help support, promote and develop the choir within the business.


If you're interested in setting up a workplace choir for your business, or would like help supporting an existing one in any way, please get in touch!


Workplace choirs, bringing people together

Workplace choirs, bringing people together

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