Piano, Singing and Guitar lessons in Keynsham

Piano, Singing and Guitar lessons in Keynsham

I offer music lessons to all those over the age of 5 regardless of experience or ability. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument or are looking for some advice on how to improve, learners are always welcomed at any stage of their learning.

I also have full DBS clearance and Child Safeguarding Level 1 qualifications.

Here are some of the key musical areas we'll be focusing on:

  • Practical

    Learning how to use your instrument to make music.

  • Sight Reading

    A vastly under appreciated skill, sight reading is taught from day one in a fun and engaging manner.

  • Practicing

    Working on techniques for how to learn and improve outside of the lesson, a life skill that is beneficial for any area of learning.

  • Performance

    Preparing for a performance, pre-concert planning, how to introduce a piece, how to build a program/setlist, even advice on receiving applause!

  • Aural Training

    Listening skills such as identifying rhythm, pitch, timbre and musical memory are developed and continuously pushed.

  • Musical Exposure

    In-class listening sessions, involving learning to recognise and identify instruments, appreciate the differences between musical periods, and building up an awareness of composers throughout history.

Teaching can take place at your address or at my studio in Keynsham.
Prices given below are a rough guide for typical students and are subject to discussion based on early beginners or more advanced pupils. 

One to one

30 mins = £15
45 mins = £20
60 mins = £25

Group pricing

Currently only offering for groups of two.
Total lesson cost is as above plus £5, split between the group's students:
30 mins = £20 (£10 per student)
45 mins = £25 (£12.50 per student)
60 mins = £30 (£15 per student)

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