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Guitar lessons; tuition available on classical, acoustic and electric guitar



From singer songwriters, rock to classical, guitar playing comes in so many wonderful, different flavours. To that end every student is taught to their end goals and aims as musicians and performers, always focusing on the best path for getting them to where they want to go; as an example, for many children who’re inspired by the likes of Ed Sheeran we’ll make sure that rhythm is at the forefront of learning, while gradually working up to simple chords, maybe even talking talking about good technique for singing while strumming!

For many students the question of what guitar they should be using is a cause of confusion. For young students (under 10) I typically recommend always starting on a classical (nylon string) guitar for ease on their fingers, while after that age we can look into classical, acoustic or electric guitar. With the different instruments I tend to work with different syllabi - Trinity for Classical, RGT for Acoustic and Rock School for Electric - though the paths are always determined by what will suit the student best.



From my early days as a Radiohead, Muse and Jeff Buckley obsessive, through to studying the technical shredding of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert, the guitar has been one of my weapons of choice for 15 years. Having played in many pit bands as both guitarist and bassist, through to live performances (odd highlight being supporting Charlotte Church!) and recordings, I’ve had experience playing and writing in a wide range of guitar styles.


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