Piano Lessons

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Teaching is typically focused around either ABRSM or Trinity Exam boards. However, learning without an exam-based structure is also available (and in many cases encouraged); if you’re simply looking to play one specific piece then that’s a fine goal to work toward, and we’ll review the best path to get there.

Areas of Study

Musical Literacy

Learning piano is one of the strongest and most visual ways to develop a player’s musicianship and understanding of scores and sheet music. The way that semitones, tones and chords are so clearly displayed on the keyboard gives a clearly defined representation of ‘how music works’ and goes hand-in-hand with understanding theoretical concepts.

Good posture and technique

The importance of these can’t be overstated, especially in more advanced students, so these are strongly developed from the early stages of tuition.


Increasingly important for musicians, we'll look into learning to dance around the dots on the page and promote expressive freedom, especially for younger musicians.


Whether it’s another instrumentalist or just to accompany yourself singing, we'll look at good accompanying techniques and musical awareness


For those who’re looking to write and perform their own songs while accompanying themselves we can look at performance techniques such as good posture and breathing, while focusing piano teaching around typical piano-lead songwriters such as Nina Simone, Carole King and Benjamin Clement.


  • Piano teacher with Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School, Cardiff And Vale Music Service, and Vale School Of Music
  • Accompanist for a number of choirs (Songbirds, Lisvane Singers)
  • Session pianist for singer/songwriters (Maddie Jones) and musicals (The Producers)
  • Musical director and pianist for various amateur dramatic ensembles (Concept Players, Billboard Juniors)
  • Pianist for ballet classes with Wilford School Of Dance (ISTD Ballet)

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