Rich has provided music for a number of animated shorts and adverts. Here are a few examples:

Green Fingers

by Sundeep Toor |


Written as part of Cardiff Animation Festival’s “Quick Draw Animation Challenge” (a 48 hour animation competition), this solo piano score is an homage to classic silent film soundtracks while nodding towards Joe Hisaishi’s work with Studio Ghibli. Originally a shorter piece, Sundeep Toor then expanded it into a full-length short film which I was happy to rescore!



Die Hard Christmas Carol

by Jammy Custard Animation (music by Richard Jackson)


This piece of Christmas themed material from Jammy Custard Animation, in my opinion, deserves MUCH more attention – this stop motion creation is an INCREDIBLE work and I was so glad to be able to contribute the music to it. This was actually my first digital orchestral work, using old VSL Orchestral samples, and I wrote it in lunch breaks and snatched hours around my previous job, before moving into full-time music making.

Jammy Custard (National Trust)

by Jammy Custard Animation (music by Richard Jackson)


Working on material that would eventually be used by National Trust was an honour, and I was delighted when Jammy Custard Animation asked me to be to be involved. The piano-led soundtrack’s repetitive figures evoke a sense of motion and excitement while the icy strings and harp add to the festive feel of the piece as a whole.


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